Policies and Procedures


Communication Policy


Telephone calls from patients will not generally be put through to doctors. Our reception staff are happy to take messages or assist you with any general questions regarding your healthcare.  If you have a medical question after seeing one of our doctors, you can speak with the nurse and she will discuss your concerns with the doctor. If you have an urgent medical problem then our nurses will try to organise an urgent appointment with one of our doctors. Emails and Facsimiles are reviewed on a daily basis.


Health and Wellbeing Wulguru has an email address that patients can use to send through simple communications to their doctor or practice staff. This email address is checked on a regular basis and any email received will be acknowledged in a reply and passed on to the addressee. All relevant emails will be stored in your patient record. 

While we make every effort to keep  your information secure we want to remind our patients that electronic communications and information can potentially be compromised and  accessed by persons outside of our practice. Patients communicating with Health and Wellbeing Wulguru through email do so at their own risk. 

Feedback and Complaints

Should you have any feedback regarding your care, we have a suggestion box in the waiting room. Alternatively you may speak with our practice manager. If you have any concerns about the care from your doctor, please immediately discuss this with your doctor so that your concerns can be managed. 

Should you have ongoing concerns, then we are happy to offer you a second opinion from another doctor at the practice. We are always trying to improve our service, and are happy to address any written complaints from our patients.

Text Reminder and Email Reminder Automated System

Text and email reminders are available for all appointments. All text messages sent by our system are logged when successfully sent. It is your responsibility to check your text and email messages and to ensure that we are informed of any changes to your mobile phone number or email address. We will assume that you have received your reminder if it has been logged as successfully sent.

Please note, text messages and email are sent out of courtesy, not necessity. It is your responsibility to turn up on time for an appointment. Failure of the text messaging system for any reason is not sufficient reason for failing to attend or turning up too late for treatment 

Bulk Billing Policy

Health and Wellbeing Wulguru is predominantly a bulk billing practice for all Medicare rebateable items. Bulk billing is when a doctor bills Medicare directly for the services provided to you, so you have no out-of-pocket expenses. If you are bulk billed, you’ve agreed for Medicare to directly pay your rebate to the GP for the service provided to you.

Bulk billing is available to all patients with a valid DVA or Medicare card. 

Private Bills

From 01/02/2020, Health and Wellbeing Wulguru introduced a small fee of $15.00 for Excisions.

Iron Infusions are charged at $15.00 for patients with healthcare concession and $50.00 for patients without healthcare concession.

This measures were necessary to assist with the cost of consumables and to allow us to continue providing the best possible care we can.